Established by dancer and choreographer Fouad Boussouf in 2010, Massala Company blends styles and artistic practices as diverse as hip-hop, contemporary dance and new circus, as well as traditional dance forms and music from Boussouf’s native Morocco and the Arab World. 

Mixing different rhythms and influences, Massala’s creations are oriented towards transmitting and sharing emotions, thanks to the technical mastery and the inexhaustible expressiveness of the dance. At the heart of the artistic development of the company lays the sensual and physical relationship to our roots and our mixed cultures. 

A choreographer, dancer and teacher, Fouad Boussouf trained as a hip-hop dancer – his favourite style – but takes inspiration from different dance forms, including contemporary dance. His multidisciplinary career and experience as a performer make for a resolutely modern approach to choreography and dancing, where hip-hop meets and merges with contemporary expression, traditional North-African dances and new circus. Difficult to classify, his work fuses these influences and addresses pressing contemporary topics through the performances of his dancers. 

Urban Ballet, 2019

Urban Ballet has been an ongoing project over several years, highlighting the connection of young people with Dance.

The choreographer Fouad Boussouf followed the evolution of young dancers he was able to meet during regular classes or one-off workshops.

Three different documentaries are the result of this experience, retracing the evolution of these dancers over a period of almost 10 years. Many have become professionals while some continue as amateurs.

Director/Editor : Floriane Pinard & Fouad Boussouf
Director of Photography : Floriane Pinard
Produced by Massala Dance Company
Music : Roman Bestion
Translation into English : Patrick Renouard
Dancers : Marion Amoretti, Eddy Battiston, Yanice Djae, Jade Lada, Mathilde Meritet, Coumba Niang, Adil Ouaali, Sebastien Vague