Photo : Charlotte Audureau
Photo : Karo Cottier
Photo : Karo Cottier
Photo : Charlotte Audureau

Production 2021
A dance performance for all >7 years

Artistic direction et choreography: Fouad Boussouf
Dramaturgy: Mona El Yafi
Performers: Yanice Djae, Sébastien Vague
Lights : Fabrice Sarcy
Tour Manager : Mathieu Morelle

YËS, Yanice and Sébastien: dancers as well as experts in whistling and beatboxing. One of them swallowed an Energizer battery when he was little so it’s impossible to stop him. The other one would rather be left alone in a corner.

Their differences bring them together in an exhilarated duet, full of humor and poetry, blending hip hop dance with the music references that they grew up with – part collective memory that we can all relate to, part quirky discoveries that take us on a faraway journey.

Production : Compagnie Massala

Residencies / Support : La Maison de la danse de Lyon, Scènes et Cinés, Scène conventionnée Art en territoire – Territoire Istres Ouest Provence, Espace André Malraux – Le Kremlin-Bicêtre, Equinoxe – Scène nationale de Chateauroux, Centre chorégraphique national de Rillieux-la-Pape